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PCX Computers is a small Halifax based business specialising in bespoke computer and laptop sales and repairs, we aim to provide a quality, personalised service with the best prices possible. We are happy to give you our professional advice whenever necessary. We cover the areas of Calderdale and are based at Northbridge in Halifax.



PC Repair & Upgrades

Not everyone can afford to buy a new computer every time something goes wrong. Slow computers can be upgraded to give them a bit of a speed boost. This may involve increasing “computing power”, usually by adding new “RAM” memory, or changing /upgrading your standard hard drive to a SSD. Alternatively, speed boosts can often be achieved by simply removing large amounts of excess software put on by manufacturers, or malicious software such as spyware or malware.
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Laptop Repair & Upgrades

We can upgrade and repair all makes and models of laptops. Besides the usual virus and data corruption problems, we can replace broken screens, upgrade memory, repair and replace power DC sockets, replace hard drives, upgrade to SSD. As with desktops ,laptops can be speeded up by simply removing large amounts of excess software put on by manufacturers, or malicious software such as spyware or malware.

Certain problems are beyond economical repair so please call for a customised quotation or advice.

If we cannot repair your laptop there is no charge.

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Mac repairs

We repair iMac’s, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. We can resolve software issues as well as repair/replace screens, DC sockets, keyboards, mainboards and graphics

PC Builds

We build all our own custom PC’s to suit each individual budget or specification, be it a basic office pc to high end gaming pc.

Please fill in our components sheet and tell us what you want.


Data loss and retrieval

We can recover data that is lost or corrupted and we can advise on future backup performance to avoid future loss. If we cannot recover the data in house, we can send the device to our specialist colleagues.

Data Clinic


Business Support

We understand that “down time” can have a real impact on your business and we can provide and supply fast cost-effective services for home and small business. We do full business solutions, from a new router to full office network install.

Onsite service.

The majority of our work is carried out at our workshop, but we do also carry out onsite work for home users or business’s. This can be a full office network to setting up your Wi-Fi printer at home.
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Labour charge (does not include parts)

We do not charge by the hour, we have a labour charge of £55, this is for the total job. If it takes 1 hour or 5 hours, it is still £55. If we cannot repair your computer or if it is beyond economical repair (BER) we will not make a charge.

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If you are in need of assistance rest assured that our team of experts will get the job done without blinding you with technical jargon (unless you want us to) so please feel free to get in touch and let us help.


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